The Gin Tub | Our House
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Our House

Enjoy the lost art of conversation

Table Phones

So you walk into our beautiful bar and you are seated by our stunning host. You will find infront of you not only our varied and full menu but most importantly an old style phone !

So make you drinks choices and dial “0” to call the bar and place your order. Then 10 minutes before you need your next just drop us another call and your drinks will be served to your table.

Calling other tables…thats right fancy a chat with a new group of people or maybe fancy someone sitting across the bar but don’t have the guts to go over then just check the back of the menu and find their table number to give them a call.


Mobile Phones

We like our patrons to enjoy the company of the people they are with not the online people they are not with. We are trying to bring back the art of conversation.

We have installed a Faraday Cage (by no means of military standards) so this does mean your phone signal is weaker. If you sit by the windows you will get a signal or if you really need to make a call please just take the 10steps outside.

Lets all look up and talk