The Gin Tub | World Famous
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We remain open as usual until our appeal heard and still had our licence.

We are extremely disappointed with the council’s decision. However we are confident our appeal will be successful

Vegan Gin

Dog Friendly

Sun-trap Garden

Biodegradable and Bamboo Straws


The exciting tastes of international gins in a superb interior of our world famous Gin Tub Cocktail bar. Finally somewhere to drink after all the great Hove restaurants.

No bookings required, just turn up.

With well over 130 gins – bespoke cocktails . We have also  created slider boards to try new gins. Plus normal beers and spirits too. Also we sell Nibble Cheese and Charcuterie boards.


Shimmer Cocktail Bar & Club

Under The Tub

Open Friday & Saturday nights

Somewhere you can dance drink Cocktails, a wide variety of gins and rums.

Shimmer the Worlds First cocktail selfie bar 

Mind blowing decor inspired by the hit series Stranger Things and the Film Annihilation 

Its an upside down Shimmer night out 

Experience this unique night out

Table Phones

So you walk into our beautiful bar and you are seated by our stunning host. You will find infront of you not only our varied and full menu but most importantly an old style phone !

So make you drinks choices and dial “0” to call the bar and place your order. Then 10 minutes before you need your next just drop us another call and your drinks will be served to your table.

Calling other tables…thats right fancy a chat with a new group of people or maybe fancy someone sitting across the bar but don’t have the guts to go over then just check the back of the menu and find their table number to give them a call.


Mobile Phones

We like our patrons to enjoy the company of the people they are with not the online people they are not with. We are trying to bring back the art of conversation.

We have installed a Faraday Cage (by no means of military standards) so this does mean your phone signal is weaker. If you sit by the windows you will get a signal or if you really need to make a call please just take the 10steps outside.

Lets all look up and talk


Design your own gin tasting adventure, a simple and fun way of discovering all the new gins. 

Choose from all our gins the ones you would like to try, we would suggest a min of 4 per person. Pop them in your basket, choose the date and time you would like to come and then checkout. Then the easy bit, turn up.

Each gin is served in our gin slider taster glasses complete with appropriate garnish as 15 ml measures (approx). All served with  Fevertree tonic.


Available all week

An amazing way to try some new gins with friends

With a selection of sliders are available and always changing.


With over 100 gins from your standard beefeater to some premium Few Barrels, and everything in between.

Beers & Cider

Peroni – Rekordalig – Brooklyn – Heiniken – Amigos – Sam Smith

Bespoke Cocktails

All the Classics and some new bespoke Gin Tub from our masters

Terrace Garden

Boutique garden area to catch some rays and chill out with friends.


Including the famous Fevertree to wonderfully flavoured Franklin & Sons

Cocktail bar & club

Visit the Cocktail bar & club under the tub. Available for private hire Sunday-Thursday

Table Orders

Desperate for a drink and don’t want to que at the bar then just pick up the phone and dial “0”

Call other tables

Fancy a chat with another table just give them a call but house rules mean you have to buy them a drink